What is Data Science?

It’s a question that popped up a few times during the just-concluded 2023 Australian Data Science Conference.

The Adelaide Data Science Centre hosted the two-day conference at the National Wine Centre of Australia. More than 100 people from around the ADSN turned up, along with guests from industry and other organisations.


The conference featured a wide range of topics and talks from a diverse group of speakers. The keynote speakers were Professor Sally Cripps (UTS), Associate Professor Fatemeh Vafaee (UNSW), and Professor Xiao Li Meng (Harvard).

ADSN 2023 also featured two panel discussions. One explored how academia and industry talk to each other and the second discussed ethics in Data Science and Generative AI. There were also nearly 30 poster presentations and, of course, some much-needed face-to-face discussions.

As for the question, “what is Data Science”, there was no firm conclusion. But it’s a question that we all should continue to ask as we forward from the conference and into a new year.

The ADSN would like to acknowledge and thank the Adelaide Data Science Centre and its Director, Professor Lewis Mitchell, for hosting such a great conference, as well as the people who did the work behind the scenes to make it all come together.


Program Committee

  • Prof Dino Sejdinovic, Adelaide (Chair)
  • Prof Nicola Armstrong, Curtin
  • Dr Melissa Humphries, Adelaide
  • Prof Lewis Mitchell, Adelaide
  • Dr Emi Tanaka, ANU
  • Dr Gentry White, QUT
  • Prof Andrew Zammit Mangion, Wollongong
  • Tim Macuga, QUT

Organising Committee (all from Adelaide)

  • Prof Lewis Mitchell
  • Dr Andrew Black
  • Dr Jacinta Holloway-Brown
  • Dr Melissa Humphries
  • Dr Lauren Kennedy
  • Dr Ben Rohrlach
  • Dr Jono Tuke

Day 1 Program

Day 2 Program

Poster Presentations

Other Conference Photos