About the ADSN

The aim of the Australian Data Science Network (ADSN) is to connect the concentrations of expertise in data science across Australia, in order to improve communication, encourage collaboration, expand opportunities, and promote our individual and collective capabilities.

The ADSN is administered by the QUT Centre for Data Science, and would be governed by a representative from each member entity. The ambition is clearly and deliberately to enhance and expand opportunities and outcomes for all members of the ADSN.


The ADSN strives to

  • Raise awareness of Australian data science, its applications & benefits
  • Welcome national & international engagement in Australian data science
  • Complement what can be achieved by existing structures and initiatives
  • Recognise that data science embraces diverse expertise and skills
  • Foster trust, sharing, reuse, reproducibility, innovation, collaboration, and learning
  • Catalyse the creative interplay of theory and practice
  • Advocate the consideration of ethical issues in data science application
  • Encourage diverse and representative participation in data science
  • Promote a culture that is safe, supportive, and encouraging to all