ADSN Team Finishes 2nd in Worldwide UN Datathon


Congratulations to the Down Under Data Wizards for finishing second in the 2023 UN Datathon. More than 400 teams from more than 100 countries participated in the global competition in early November.

The Data Wizards were one of eight teams that took part in the ADSN's UN Datathon event for Australia. Seven of those teams, including the Data Wizards, participated in the main ADSN event at the QUT Centre for Data Science in Brisbane. An eighth team got together in Melbourne.


Like all the teams at the ADSN UN Datathon event, the Data Wizards were made up of researchers from different universities and disciplines.

Down Under Data Wizards

  • Sundance Zhihong Sun, The University of Melbourne
  • David Wu, Monash University
  • Jamie Hogg, QUT Centre for Data Science
  • Farhan Ameen, Sydney Precision Data Science Centre
  • Janith Chandula Wanniarachchi, Monash University

For their project, the Data Wizards decided to tackle a crucial issue: transitioning to clean, affordable energy. Specifically, they created a solution that identifies where the most potential is for solar power and combined it with a way to show where the greatest needs for solar energy are.

As a top three team finalist, the Data Wizards got to present their project at the UN Datathon Awards Ceremony on 18 January 2024. Below is the video from that presentation. Team member Jamie Hogg from QUT represented the team.