ADSN Focused Workshops

The Australian Data Science Network (ADSN) is convening a series of topic-focused workshops to connect researchers, practitioners and others with shared or complementary interests, while raising awareness of Australia’s capabilities in different data science areas.

These online meetings seek to engage a spectrum of researchers nationwide and their focus could be on theory, methods, or applications where data science is key.

The format is flexible, but we are kicking off with short presentations + discussion + information capture via shared workshop notes, so that everyone gets a chance to contribute and add useful insight.

The main tangible output will be a meeting summary with useful details for further follow up, shared our website. And the outcomes? Our hope is that this rapid knowledge sharing will raise the odds of productive connections, enabling the whole of Australian Data Science to be greater than the sum of its parts.


Workshop #1 | Synthetic Data: Making it real, using it well

We’ve had recent interest from industry about simulating realistic data from complex systems. There are many situations where sensitivities of real data make synthetic data safer to handle. In September QUT convened a workshop to engage researchers with capabilities and interests in synthetic data and open up possibilities for further connection and collaboration.