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March 1 - June 30

Mathematical & Statistical Challenges in Modelling Cellular Systems in Biology

Cells have been called the “natural levels of abstraction in biology”: they are the essential building
blocks of multi-cellular organisms, and most life-forms on earth are single-celled organisms. Inside
cells there are complex molecular processes and machineries at work, which in concert enable cells to
sense and respond to their environment.

We have currently no means of modelling cellular processes: there is no convincing theory of life at the
cellular level. This is now widely seen as a major impediment to modern life science research, and
simulating whole cells has been identified as a major scientific challenge for the 21st century. In trying
to tackle this problem, however, we also face fundamental and formidable mathematical and statistical
challenges. This workshop proposes to develop a roadmap to solving these challenges through
collaborations and establish a consortium of mathematical, statistical, and computational scientists
from Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Details and dates to be confirmed. Find out more on AMSI’s website