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May 11 @ 10:00 am - 10:45 am

Welcome to the AI for Pandemic Seminars organized by the AI4PAN group centered at The University of Queensland. The fortnightly AI4PAN Seminars run via Zoom at 10am on Wednesday’s (AEST = Brisbane time zone). See also our YouTube Channel.

Speaker: Max Menzies, Tsinghua University

Title: Targeted mathematical approaches based on topical questions regarding COVID-19

Abstract: COVID-19 has consistently astonished policymakers and challenged researchers. From early predictions that it would “just go away” to later failures to understand precipitous upticks or decreases in cases and/or deaths, this pandemic has consistently been difficult if not impossible to forecast. Thus, we took a different approach, focusing on the descriptive analysis of surprising phenomena. Throughout the pandemic, we have keenly paid attention to the news to find key questions of interest that lend themselves to the development of innovative and elegant mathematical approaches. Combining backgrounds of pure maths, applied maths and real-world experience, we will aim to present work that is mathematically interesting in its own right as well as findings and interpretations of relevance to a wide audience.