Data Ethics Workshop Series

Data Ethics Workshop Series

The Australian Data Science Network is proud to present a series of workshops on Data Ethics.

The aim of this series is to share open questions, spark discussion, and facilitate collaborations. The workshops will be led by Professor Rachel Thomas, co-founder of and Professor of Practice at the QUT Centre for Data Science. In each workshop, we hear a series of lightning talks from our guest speakers followed by a discussion with all participants.


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Our guest speakers are:

  • Lachlan McCalman, Gradient Institute, "Ethical AI Governance Gaps in Finance"
  • Thao Phan, Monash University, "Economies of Virtue: The Circulation of 'Ethics' in Big Tech"
  • Jake Goldenfein, University of Melbourne, "Law’s consumers vs platforms users: competing imaginations of the human in platform ecosystems"
  • Samantha Floreani, Digital Rights Watch, "Human Rights in the Digital Age"


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ADSN Data Ethics Workshop #1

28 January 2022

Our guest speakers for this workshop:

  • Ben Hutchinson (Google Sydney) - Checking Assumptions Regarding Data Validity
  • Lauren Oakden-Rayner (Univ of Adelaide) - The False Hope of Explainability in Medicine
  • Aaron Snoswell (QUT) - The Value Alignment Problem in AI
  • Cathy Robinson (CSIRO) - Indigenous-led AI

Video from workshop:

ADSN Data Ethics Workshop #2

24 February 2022

Our guest speakers for this workshop:

  • Catarina Pinto Moreira (QUT): “Towards Human-Centric XAI using Eye Tracking in Chest Xrays”
  • Yves Saint James Aquino (Univ of Wollongong):  “Narrow vs Broad Understandings of Algorithmic Bias among Stakeholders in Healthcare AI”
  • Michael Evans (Evans AI): “The Role of Policy in Data Ethics”

Video from workshop: