ADSN Workshop with Australian Research Data Commons


The Australian Data Science Network hosted a workshop with the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC).  The online discussion explored opportunities on how the ADSN and your organisations might work together with the ARDC.

Our guest for the workshop was Keith Russell, Manager of Engagements and Expertise at the ARDC.

On this page, you can find:

  • Video of Keith Russell's Presentation
  • Slides from the Presentation
  • Slides on how webinar participants answered ARDC Challenge Questions
  • Links to ARDC Communities of Practice (CoP)
  • Examples of Interest Groups Relevant to ADSN
  • ARDC's "People" Research Data Commons
  • ARDC's "Planet" Research Data Commons
  • Sign up for ARDC Newsletter

Communities of Practice

The ARDC leads or co-leads a number of  Communities of Practice (CoP) that are relevant to Data Science, Data Management, Governance, Quality and so on. ADSN members are most welcome to sign for any of those. 

Interest Groups Relevant to ADSN


The Machine Learning Community of Practice (CoP) explores issues, challenges and interests of various Machine Learning (ML) communities and provides an opportunity for anyone interested in ML for research to collaborate over the emerging needs for ML capabilities and expertise in eResearch.


ANZ Data Quality Interest Group:

This  Group provides a forum for Australian and New Zealand data providers, repository operators and data consumers to discuss challenges and strategies for meeting data quality standards and procedures. The group will also serve as a connection to international data quality communities for exchanging experiences and best practices.

Strategic Collaborations

Upcoming Event

ML4AU CoP is having a talk (on Knowledge & Data) and general meeting at 4pm on Thursday, 15 September, 2022.